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President’s Report

Greetings! To all of our members and staff, first and foremost: thank you for everything that you have done for the Audubon Naturalist Society (ANS) over the past year. From renewing your memberships to shopping at the ANS store, from logging countless office hours to simply spreading the word about our good works on behalf of the environment. Your continued support helps define our organization and provides the foundation for all of our successes. I know that the rest of the Board of Directors join me in expressing our sincerest appreciation for all of the things that you do for the environment every day.

This has been the first year on the job for both Lisa Alexander, our Executive Director, and me. Looking back in review, I am gratified to report that Lisa and the Board have been able to work together to accomplish much. On a fundamental level we have continued to strengthen all of our internal systems, procedures and reporting mechanisms.

While none of these achievements have been glamorous, they have greatly improved the organization’s efficiency and provided a common understanding of elements such as our improved financial health to all ANS stakeholders. This year Lisa refined the reporting tool for progress on the Strategic Plan, to better enable the Board’s stewardship of our long-term goals.

At the board level, our vice-president Leslie Catherwood led us in reorganizing and re-energizing the committees that provide guidance on issues such as ANS’s finances, programs, development efforts and internal governance. All of the board members now serve on at least two committees. This reorganization allowed for the cross-pollination of ideas and greatly improved oversight of ANS’s many activities.

This year has also seen ANS begin to harvest the fruits of earlier labors and strategic decisions about how to best steward its assets, made during the tenure of my able predecessor Kathy Rushing. While President, Kathy oversaw the development of the ANS Strategic Plan which has continued to guide the staff’s activities and sharpen the focus of the organization. In keeping with the Plan we transferred ownership of the Webb Sanctuary in Fairfax County, VA in January to the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (now NOVA Parks), that will be better able to unlock the property’s public-serving potential. Prior to doing so we furthered our own mission by putting a conservation easement restriction on development there. This action had the added benefit of allowing us to sell the resulting tax credits and make a substantial contribution to our investment reserves. We also benefited from the partnership that we established last year with NOVA Parks at the Rust Sanctuary. As we had forecast, relief from the operational burdens of the Rust Sanctuary has allowed us to concentrate on developing new environmental education and outreach activities in Virginia. An example of these is our successful Fresh Air Kids program, which is among the many accomplishments detailed in this report. Lastly, we have literally seen the results from earlier plantings with the maturation of our beautiful Blair Garden and meadow restoration projects at the Woodend Sanctuary. We gratefully acknowledge the donors who made these initiatives possible.

Over the past year you may have read more about our advocacy and educational efforts in the press. Our ability to garner this publicity arises directly from Lisa’s decision last year to create a Communications Director position. We have been fortunate to benefit from the many talents of Kelli Holsendolph, who assumed this mantle last September. Kelli’s communications savvy and media contacts were a significant part of the victorious Ten Mile Creek campaign, which was so professionally orchestrated by Conservation Director Diane Cameron and the chair of the Board’s Conservation Committee, Mike Gravitz. All of the inhabitants of our region can be thankful for Mike, Diane and Kelli’s tireless efforts, in which they were joined by so many of our own members and coalition partners.

ANS_102413_0075-4_0x6_0-31A (1)

Responding to threats to the environment such as over-development in the Ten Mile Creek watershed will always be part of the ANS mission. We were founded on principles of environmental advocacy and education that will continue to guide us in the future. As that future becomes the present, I am happy to note that ANS is also evolving to embrace the new conditions that surround it. We are now using social media and other communications techniques to make our point of view more widely heard in every community in this area. These communications channels will additionally raise our visibility with the younger generation that will form ANS’s next base.

Leveraging new technology has also allowed Lisa and staff to develop a smartphone water quality monitoring app that we hope will spread awareness of stream health to many new constituents.

With a firm grounding in our values, over the coming year I hope to be able to begin to build consensus around a vision of where ANS will want to position itself in the decades to come. There are so many opportunities for us to expand our capacities to advocate and educate on behalf of the environment! We will need to make thoughtful decisions about where to concentrate our efforts and how to continue to adapt to best fulfill our mission. I hope that you will help guide those decisions by continuing to give us your insight on initiatives such as master planning for the Woodend Sanctuary, the ANS brand and membership diversity. As members we should all take pride in everything ANS has accomplished to date, and inspiration from all that it will achieve in the future. Your continued support is vital to making those achievements a reality.

With best regards,


ANS Management Staff

Lisa Alexander, Executive Director | Stephanie Bozzo, Preschool Director | Diane Cameron, Director of ANS Conservation Program | Richard Goldberg, Director of Finance and Administration | Kelli Holsendolph, Director of Communications and Marketing | Diane Lill, GreenKids Project Director | Stephanie Mason, Senior Naturalist | Karen Vernon, Youth Education Director | Jacky Wershbale, Director of Development

ANS Board of Directors





Vice President






Val Broadie

Maria Giovanni

Diane Hoffman

Michael Trister

Megan Carroll

Mike Gravitz

Patty O’Malley

Bonnie VanDorn

Ann Fieldhouse

Jennifer Judd Hinrichs

Timothy McTaggart

Seeds of Change

At the end of September 2013, Neal Fitzpatrick retired as executive director of ANS. Neal had been a member of the ANS staff for 33 years, first as environmental education director, then as conservation director, and finally as executive director. Neal may be gone from the day-to-day, but not from the ANS community. In October 2013, Neal led ANS nature travelers to Panama and during summer camp 2014 he taught The River Starts Here camp.
The transition to new leadership at ANS was a natural one. The ANS Board of Directors named Deputy Director Lisa Alexander as the new executive director on October 19, 2013. Lisa was chosen after an exhaustive, six-month search. Competing against a large number of well-qualified candidates, Lisa with her clear vision for the future of ANS ultimately prevailed as the choice to lead ANS.

Click Here to Follow the LinkRead “From bog to woods, Audubon’s new director digs in.”
The Gazette‘s, November 6, 2013.

Stems of Tomorrow: The ANS Strategic Plan

strat.planIn August of 2013, ANS developed and adopted a strategic plan to guide the organization over the next five years. A living document, the plan is guiding decision-making organization-wide and changing and evolving as objectives are met and new opportunities revealed. ANS is growing with its ambitious strategic plan, that provides the blueprint for a more diverse, influential and financially sustainable organization, and a better employer and sanctuary steward.

Click her to follow link

To see the strategic report click here

Blossom our Community

20140503_085444This year ANS made strategic changes designed to grow and expand its membership and broader community of supporters. ANS developed a new series of outreach events for new members to help them build stronger connections to our organization. Similarly, an ANS Membership Taskforce formed in June 2014, led by a member of the Board, to identify opportunities to diversify the membership and reach new audiences.


Financial Overview


Membership Dues
Education Programs
Sanctuary Shop
Investment Income

Total Revenue

$       245,626



Sanctuary Shop

Ed. Programs

Investment Income



Membership Dues


Conservation & Education Programs

Nature Sanctuaries
Education Programs
Sanctuary Shop

Total Program Expense



Support Services

General and Administrative

Total Support Services Expenses



Total Expense


Conservation & Ed. Programs

General & Administration


Change in Net Assets

Release of Permanently Restricted
Net Asets

Net Assets, Beginning of Year

Net Assets, End of Year




$ 4,781,582


Current Assets:

Prepaid Expenses

Total Current Assets

Property & Equipment (Net)

Investments at Market Value

Total Assets

$      1,360,132






Accounts Payable
Accrued Expenses
Deferred Revenue

Total Liabilities



Net Assets

Temporarily Restricted
Permenently Resticted

Total Net Assets

Total Liabilities and Net Assets



$ 5,961,454


Meadow Making Math

people participating in Environmental Education programs this year
students participated in hands-on GreenKids lessons
Camp Audubon campers in summers 2013 and 2014
messages sent to policymakers by ANS members and advocates (from February through July 2014) to Save Ten Mile Creek
new members joined ANS community this year
hours of volunteer service to ANS from 18 Maryland Master Naturalist Volunteers
Woodend Nature Sanctuary survey responses
third through fifth grade students connected to nature through ANS Unplug and Play Afterschool Nature Clubs
ANS volunteers regularly monitor water quality in the region
families in Audubon Nature Preschool
Teen Naturalists in Training
organizations joined ANS in coalition to Save Ten Mile Creek
preschoolers and their parents or caregivers participated in Fresh Air Kids at Rust Sanctuary

Conservation & Advocacy

The cornerstone of ANS conservation advocacy is protecting local clean water and the centerpiece is our Water Quality Monitoring program—one of the largest and longest-running citizen science programs in the country. ANS works to protect our region’s local streams and watersheds.

Strategic Goal

Educate and mobilize citizens of the DC metro region to restore and protect their local watersheds.

Objective One

Ten Mile Creek Campaign: Protect Montgomery’s last, best creek by advocating for and leveraging science-based requirements in a Limited Clarksburg Master Plan Amendment.

Objective Two

Stream Restoration and Protection: Engage, train, equip and mobilize citizens of all ages in the DC metro region to monitor local water quality and protect and restore local streams.

Objective Three

Watershed Protection and Restoration: Advocate for full implementation of regional county watershed protection and restoration plans.

Objective Four

Woodend Watershed Restoration: Transform Woodend Sanctuary into the DC region’s flagship educational center that demonstrates, teaches and champions citizen engagement in urban watershed restoration and protection.

ANS Leads the Fight to Save Ten Mile Creek

This year, the campaign to Save Ten Mile Creek had the motto: Go! Fight! Win! ANS convened a diverse and determined Save Ten Mile Creek Coalition that grew to 30 organizations, including representation from labor, Latino, Jewish, Muslim groups and others. Together, coalition partners and advocates celebrated victory for Ten Mile Creek. And, before the ink dried on the Montgomery County Council Resolution on Ten Mile Creek, ANS fought back efforts to chip away at the hard-won protections. This August, ANS passed the torch and celebrated the next chapter with the launch of the new Friends of Ten Mile Creek group.

“Through our concerted advocacy, we won strong protections for Ten Mile Creek in the April 1 master plan Resolution. Now, we will need to work through the Friends of Ten Mile Creek to watchdog the implementation, site plan by site plan.”

Diane Cameron, ANS Conservation Director

ANS Fights for Ten Mile Creek


ANS partners with Montgomery Countryside Alliance to convince the Montgomery County Planning Board and Montgomery County Council to prepare a Limited Master Plan Amendment for Ten Mile Creek

May 2013

ANS leads the formation of the Save Ten Mile Creek Coalition to protect the creek and the DC metro region’s emergency drinking water supply at Little Seneca Reservoir

June & July 2013

The Save Ten Mile Creek Coalition rallies in front of the Planning Board three times to push for the greatest protections for Ten Mile Creek

September 2013

The Planning Board holds public hearings on the draft Limited Master Plan Amendment for Ten Mile Creek. The Save Ten Mile Creek Coalition provides a broad array of impassioned testimony during those public hearings.

October 24, 2013

The Planning Board votes to approve a pro-development option that would jeopardize Ten Mile Creek and threaten the region’s drinking water supply for 4.3 million people.

December 2013

Nearly 80 people (the maximum allowed) delivered heartfelt testimony, overwhelmingly in favor of protecting Ten Mile Creek during two nights of County Council public hearings.

January 9, 2014

Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett sends a letter to ANS Conservation Director Diane Cameron promising the county will forgo any further development on two county-owned parcels of land in the Ten Mile Creek watershed.

January 27, 2014

The Save Ten Mile Creek Coalition rallies on the front steps of the Montgomery County Council office building and delivers 1,000 letters from residents urging the Council to fully protect Ten Mile Creek.

January & February 2014

The County Council holds 7 workessions on the plan.

April 1, 2014 - Victory for Ten Mile Creek!

The Montgomery County Council unanimously approves a Limited Master Plan Amendment for Ten Mile Creek that limits pavement to 6% in the most sensitive areas, mandates open space, provides 200-foot buffers for wetlands, streams and groundwater springs and advances a 65% forest cover goal for the entire watershed.

May 15, 2014

ANS hosts the Ten Mile Creek Celebration at its Woodend headquarters with nearly 75 coalition members and advocates. The celebration was an opportunity to honor their efforts. Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett, Councilmembers Roger Berliner, Marc Elrich and Hans Riemer also attend the celebration.

August 3, 2014

Launch party for the Friends of Ten Mile Creek. ANS Water Quality Monitor and Advocate of the Year Tenley Wurglitz is selected president.

ANS Gets SMART about Water Quality Monitoring

Thanks to the generosity of a long-standing supporter, ANS developed the Creek Critters smart phone app this year.

The app is designed to get people out into their local waterways. It shows users how to catch and identify small organisms that live in freshwater streams. These benthic macroinvertebrates, or creek critters, serve as indicators of stream health.

ANS completed several field tests of the Creek Critters app, first a paper prototype in May 2013, a field test with the Android version October 2013 and a joint field demonstration with Rock Creek Conservancy, of both the Android and iOS versions, July 2014.

Since the early 1990s, ANS has operated a Water Quality Monitoring program throughout Montgomery County and in parts of DC. It is one of the largest and longest-running citizen science programs in the country. Under Cathy Wiss’ leadership the program continues to grow. This year, ANS added four new sites and gained 25 more volunteer water quality monitors. This year, more than 193 ANS volunteers gathered data on the water quality of 29 local streams in the DC metro region. This data strengthens ANS’s advocacy for local streams and watersheds.

Although not as thoroughly trained (yet!) as the ANS volunteer water quality monitors, a new crop of citizen scientists are getting involved through the new Creek Critters app. ANS will continue to offer its water quality classes to these and interested others.

Special Thanks to our Conservation and Advocacy Program Supporters

Cornell Douglas Foundation, Keith Campbell Foundation, Marpat Foundation, Patagonia, Prince Charitable Trusts, Summit Fund of Washington, Wallace Genetic Foundation, and restricted gifts from individual donors.

“We’re harnessing smartphone technology to get people involved in protecting their
local streams.”
Lisa Alexander, ANS Executive Director

“We look forward to working with Audubon Naturalist Society on a project that will get more community members interested and involved in the health of Rock Creek. We are excited to help break barriers of stream exploration and monitoring by making it as easy as an application on our

Matthew Fleischer, Executive Director, Rock Creek Conservancy

Environmental Education

ANS environmental education programs provide nature education for all. We teach children, families and adults about the natural world and natural history and inspire the next generation of nature stewards by providing hands-on learning opportunities in nature.

Strategic Goal

Increase environmental awareness and understanding throughout the DC metro region by delivering inspiring nature education programs that nurture a lifetime of outdoor discovery, exploration and stewardship.

Objective One

Expand and diversify participants in ANS’ environmental education programs to widen the community of people who treasure the natural world and work to preserve it.

Objective Two

Enhance and improve nature education opportunities for children outside of school from early childhood to age eighteen to grow the next generation of environmental stewards.

Objective Three

Expand environmental education offerings to ensure that children in DC metro area schools engage in meaningful environmental pre-K through high school.

Objective Four

Expand the community of DC area adults who engage with and care for the natural world by delivering the region’s highest quality nature experiences for lifelong learners.

Objective Five

Maximize ANS staff capacity to deliver top-tier environmental education programs.

  • ANS Launches New Unplug and Play Afterschool Nature Clubs

    In summer 2013, ANS received a grant award from the Montgomery County Council to run afterschool nature programs at four Title 1 schools in the Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) system. These free afterschool nature clubs first met in the fall of 2013—at Glen Haven Elementary School, Rolling Terrace Elementary School, Captain James E. Daly Elementary School and Gaithersburg Elementary School.

    When asked about their favorite club memories, student responded “everything,” “learning about animals and petting a snake,” and “when we saw Boris the Tortoise.”
    Students in the Glen Haven Elementary School Unplug and Play Afterschool Club

    GH Boris 2

    The clubs met once a week for six weeks for one to two hours right in the elementary schools. Designed around nature play, students spent time outdoors investigating the natural world and playing games.There were also hands-on learning and science opportunities. ANS was also able to provide a free snack to the participating students.

    Thanks to this generous grant funding, ANS was able to connect 213 third through fifth grade students this year to the wonderful world of outdoor exploration. This support helped bridge the gap for children who might otherwise miss enrichment opportunities because the fees are outside of reach for their families.

  • I’d Rather be at Camp Audubon

    ANS’s Camp Audubon has been going strong for 35 years. ANS offers more than 60 specialty camps each summer. We enjoyed 2,317 campers in summers 2013 and 2014. We continued our popular Teen Naturalist Training (TNT) Program, launched in 2012. Over the course of both summers, 53 teens entering ninth and tenth grades learned what it takes to be an ANS naturalist while volunteering in the summer camp program and earning Student Service Learning (SSL) hours.

    “I saw fox tracks, right down there. Then we went to the den on a hike. It was pretty good.”
    Addison, 7, 2014 summer camper

    On the ANS summer camp counselors, “They seem like mystical figures with never-
    ending powers.” Catherine, 12, ANS summer camper since first grade

    “I love connecting kids with the natural world and make them feel part of it. It’s a
    rewarding and awesome experience.” Tessa “Willow” Crosby, 2014 summer camp counselor, American University student

  • NoVA’s Mommy Bloggers Help ANS Launch Fresh Air Kids at Rust Nature Sanctuary

    In March 2014, ANS launched a brand new preschool program for children ages 5 and younger with their parents or caregivers called Fresh Air Kids at Rust Nature Sanctuary. But before we went public, we tested it out with some influential mommy bloggers in Northern Virginia and their little ones.

    The bloggers stamped the program mommy-approved and demand necessitated adding a second class
    to the spring series. In all we served, 22 preschoolers and their parents or caregivers through Fresh Air Kids at Rust this year.

    “We were honored to take place in an exclusive preview of the Fresh Air Kids class
    today at Rust Nature Sanctuary in Leesburg, VA. The fun class included animal interactions, finding tracks in nature, reading a book about animal movements, and a wonderful discovery hike through the sanctuary.” Micaela Williamson, Blogger, “Fresh Air Kids at Rust Nature Sanctuary, Leesburg,” Kid Trips

    “On Tuesday we were invited to a preview of the Fresh Air Kids Program at the Rust Nature Sanctuary in Leesburg, VA. . . . Susanne from the Audubon Naturalist Society was nice enough to give myself and my boys a preview of what the Fresh Air Kids Program is all about.” Kamber Petty, Blogger, “Rust Nature Sanctuary & Manor House in Leesburg, VA!” NoVA Outdoors

  • Weekend Walks in the Woods: ANS Offers New FREE Family Program at Woodend

    ANS was able to launch Weekend Walks in the Woods this year thanks in large part to the Chesapeake Bay Trust. Beth Armitage, ANS 2013-2014 Chesapeake Conservation Corps Volunteer, was instrumental in establishing this new free family program at Woodend Nature Sanctuary. The first Weekend Walk was held Saturday, April 5, 2014 with nearly 50 attending. Family members of all ages have been heading to Woodend on the first Saturday of the month for the one hour hike with a natural history theme. We also have our Master Naturalist Volunteers to thank for keeping the program running.

    Chloe, 6, said she liked finding the frogs in the pond the best. Her mother Laura
    enjoyed being out in the woods on a beautiful morning. Weekend Walks in the Woods participants

    Master Naturalist Volunteers: Meet Frank Sanford

    “Growing up in St. Louis, I had two grandfathers who loved to fish and introduced me to the outdoors. The interest continued to grow and when I ended up in Maryland in the early ‘70’s, I completed a Master of Arts in teaching. Although I spent my 42 years of teaching in a variety of roles – classroom teacher, reading specialist etc; my true love was always science. Luckily I was able to complete my last six years as a science teacher at Sheridan School for K – 5. My recent retirement, June of this year, has afforded me the chance to follow my many outdoor pursuits –biking,fishing, hiking, swimming, and kayaking.”
    Frank Sanford, ANS Master Naturalist Volunteer

    Frank Sanford completed ANS’s 2013 Maryland Master Naturalist Volunteer training program. The program, in its third year at ANS in 2013, attracts people from various backgrounds who are interested in learning about the ecology, flora, and fauna of Maryland and the natural history of Maryland’s Piedmont region. The training program includes hands-on field work and Volunteer Master Naturalists give 40 hours of volunteer time back to ANS.

    One of the ways Sanford chose to give back was by leading Weekend Walks in the Woods. Others in the 2013 Master Naturalist Volunteer class have chipped in, in various ways. For instance, Julie Bloss Kelsey, a freelance writer with a background in biology and environmental science, kept content fresh in the kiosks around Woodend with Naturalist Notes. Chris Ley wrote and edited the quarterly volunteer enewsletter, AV(ia)N. Chris has been an avid birder for more than 30 years. Darlene Robbins was active with the ANS Sanctuary Committee to help reimagine Woodend. Darlene’s passion and interest in sustainable landscape practices adds great value.

    2013 MNV class picture pams cell
    Standing: Nancy Voit, Frank Sanford, Darlene Robbins, Sylvia Diss, Joyce Bailey, Donald Dittberner, Rich Griffin, Bob Hirshon, Chris Ley, Heleny Cook, Julie Bloss Kelsey. Kneeling: Susan Dunnell, Susan Schober, Rosewitha Augusta, Adriana Delgado, Suzanne Shewtz Missing from photo: Colette Cowey, Ramona Winkelbauer

  • GreenKids Creates Green Culture Change in Schools

    This past school year (2013-14), ANS welcomed eight new Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS) and two new Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS) into the GreenKids network. GreenKids, a completely grant-funded program of ANS, provides participating schools with two years of free resources and field experiences to foster environmental literacy. Central to the program is helping schools earn Maryland Green School and Virginia Naturally certifications. During the 2013-14 school year, seven GreenKids schools earned the Maryland Green School certification for the first time; eight GreenKids alumni schools passed the recertification and one earned their second recertification. Five schools in Loudoun County were Virginia Naturally recertified in September 2013.

    Salad Science from Mark Leisher Productions on Vimeo.

    GreenKids lessons include composting, stream science, pollution prevention and others. One of the most transformative lessons for GreenKids students is delivered through Salad Science. Thanks to the generous support of Whole Foods Market Montgomery County and Howard Hughes Medical Institute for making this video production possible.

    “The wealth of resources and ideas ANS offers to schools through the GreenKids program is wonderful. I really like when ANS brings ideas to the school and have experts come in and
    model the lesson. That kind of support is not the kind you get from most groups who say they want to work with schools—its’ really valuable.”
    Sandra Cornell, Sixth Grade Science Teacher, North Chevy Chase Elementary School

    Special Thanks to our GreenKids supporters

    Howard Hughes Medical Institute, KBR Foundation, Loudoun County Public Schools, Mead Family Foundation, Minerva Foundation, Montgomery County Public Schools, PNC Foundation, Silver Spring International Middle School, Rust Family Foundation, Virginia Environmental Endowment, Wallace Genetic Foundation, Whole Foods Market, and restricted gifts from individual donors.

  • ANS Casts Wider Net with Adult Programs

    New this year, ANS moved its adult programs to online registration. Starting in June 2014, nature
    enthusiasts from across the region could register online for the first time for ANS’s adult programs.

    Similarly, to attract wider regional interest and thanks to ANS Web Volunteer Karen Wilhem, ANS added a map of destinations for adult programs to anshome.org. The map shows potential participants at a glance the breadth of ANS forays annually.

Special Thanks to our Environmental Education Supporters

Chesapeake Bay Trust, City of Gaithersburg, Community Foundation for Northern Virginia, Lazar Foundation, Live It Learn It, Montgomery County Council, Stone & Holt Weeks Foundation, and restricted gifts from individual donors.


Our 40 acre Woodend Nature Sanctuary, ANS headquarters in Chevy Chase, is a jewel inside the beltway. The 68 acre Rust Nature Sanctuary in Leesburg, a partnership for ANS with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority, offers a retreat from the hustle and bustle of Northern Virginia life.

Strategic Goal

Transform ANS Nature Sanctuaries into flagship nature destinations that showcase nature interpretation, habitat restoration and environmental best practices in a welcoming, safe, comfortable, and educational environment for people at every stage of life.

Objective One

Transform our nature sanctuaries into a dynamic model for nature education and interpretation for visitors of all ages.

Objective Two

Renovate and develop sanctuary buildings and infrastructure to showcase environmental best practices and create a highly productive workplace.

Objective Three

Restore Woodend Sanctuary habitats to increase species diversity and model best practices.

ANS Prepares to Transform Woodend

In June 2014, an ad hoc committee of the ANS Board of Directors formed the Sanctuary Master Plan Committee. The group’s goal is to deliver a visionary Sanctuary Master Plan that identifies needs and opportunities for transforming Woodend Nature Sanctuary into a unique, premier environmental learning and events destination in the DC metro region. One of the committee’s first tasks was to collect feedback about Woodend from ANS members, neighbors, staff, volunteers and other stakeholders. A short survey was disseminated in August.

Woodend Survey Reponses

  • “There is so much potential to be a haven for families with young children! Please make improvements so it is more of a destination. An outdoor play space with parking and bathrooms is brilliant. Access to trails that would have signage would be perfect. Make them stroller friendly please!”

  • “I love visiting Woodend, (in part because we were married there 🙂 but it’s not that close to where we live, so often forget to use it as a destination for weekend hikes.”

  • “Restoring the native woodland understory and controlling the deer population (both of those do not
    lend themselves to simple fixes)”

  • “Woodend is wonderful! It’s such a relaxing, warm, inviting place to take classes!”

ANS Volunteers Restore Meadow at Woodend

This year and with the help of volunteers and the support of a generous donor, ANS began restoring a large section of its meadow near the Woodend Sanctuary entrance on Jones Mill Road. The goal was to provide habitat for a greater diversity of species. Meadow restoration specialist Larry Weaner identified plants appropriate to the upland, lowland, and shaded areas of the meadow, mixing in a large portion of deer-resistant species. From late summer to early fall 2013, ANS volunteers and staff prepared the site: moving fauna to safety, raking, mowing, removing existing invasive plants and sowing a temporary grass cover. In October 2013, a team of some 70 volunteers and staff set out and dug in 3,000 plants and reseeded with native sedges and forbs.

ANS Forms New Partnership with NOVA Parks at Rust Nature Sanctuary

In May 2013, the ANS Board of Directors ratified a 40-year-lease agreement with the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (now NOVA Parks)—a new partnership for ANS at Rust Nature Sanctuary, in Leesburg, Virginia. Under the terms of the lease, NOVA Parks maintains the building and grounds of Rust and ANS retains office and classroom space for environmental education programming. A win-win for both NOVA Parks and ANS, this partnership has been several years in the making. NOVA Parks now hosts events at and provides property maintenance for the beautiful Rust Nature Sanctuary. ANS will protect Rust in perpetuity as a nature preserve in Northern Virginia and is now focused on providing mission-related, quality environmental education programs at Rust.


April 1, 2013 – August 31, 2014
ANS offers sincere thanks to the following individuals, families, foundations, businesses, and organizations that supported ANS during our last fiscal year. Although we do not have space to acknowledge everyone, we are extremely grateful for and appreciate the generosity of each supporter.

(*) Funding ANS programs through a multi-year contribution.

Howard Hughes Medical Institute*
The Keith Campbell Foundation for the Environment
Minerva Foundation
Richard & Nancy Raines
Rauch Foundation
The Summit Fund of Washington
Town Creek Foundation
Wallace Genetic Foundation
Anonymous (1)

Cornell Douglas Foundation
KBR Foundation*
Loudoun County Public Schools*
Marpat Foundation*
Mead Family Foundation
Alan & Amy Meltzer
Prince Charitable Trusts
Stone & Holt Weeks Foundation*
Whole Foods Market
Anonymous (1)

Marney Bruce
Sharon & Robert Buchanan
Montgomery County Council
Milton & Dorothy Sarnoff Raymond Foundation
PNC Foundation
Rust Family Foundation*
Virginia Environmental Foundation*

Anonymous (5)

Tony Dwyer & Virginia Downes
Elmo Foundation
Barbara Francis & Robert Musser
George Cunningham & Jessie Harris
Judith F. Kneen
Lazar Foundation
Cynthia McGrath
Robert & Kathryn Rushing
John and Susan Ulfelder
Chris Wright
Anonymous (1)

Lisa Alexander & Joseph Clayton
John Bjerke & Carolyn Dowling
Rick Borchelt
Jane H. Carroll
Megan Carroll & Michelle Price
Community Foundation of Northern Virginia-Community Investment Fund
Michael Gravitz & Tracey Marks
John & Ruth Harris
Joseph Liro & Joanne Hill
Florence K. Millar
Helen Ann Patton
Kathryn Powers
Susannah F. Prindle
Emma Shelton
Michael B. Trister
Michael Wilpers
Kenneth & Dorothy M. Woodcock

William W. Adams
Elizabeth H. Allen
Denis Andrzejewski & Bonnie VanDorn
Jane Blair
Bridgewater Asociates, LP
William A. & Helga B. Butler
Chesapeake Bay Trust
Robert Collins
David & Anne Cottingham
Rebecca Ann Cromwell
Michael & Edith Daharsh
Sharrill Dittmann
Lynn Dixon
Marion B. Edey
Evergreen Garden Club
Richard & Ann Fieldhouse
Jenni Ford
Hoe ‘n Hope Garden Club
Sheldon & Audrey W. Katz
Jerry Kickenson & Kathleen Michels
Nevin E. & Elizabeth Kuhl
Charles G. Mackall Jr.
Janean Mann
Mary C. Massey
Susan Mattheisen
Timothy & Elizabeth McTaggart
Susan Milligan
J. Kent & Marcia Minichiello
Jeanne & Michael Morency

Ted & Lola Oberman
Patricia A. O’Malley
Overhills Foundation
Vincent J. & Suzan M. Parada
Robert & Pamela Poole
William T. Quinn
Carolyn Randall
John Gillespie & Anne Rubin
Nancy A. Sahli
John D. Schultz & Helen Kavanagh
Stuart & Claudia Scott
Laura L. Sessums & Blake A. Biles
Stanwyn & Elaine Shetler
Mark Smith & Maxine Harris
Steve Sroka & Annett Mettler
Katharine P. Stell
Ralph & Betsy Stephens
Sugarloaf Citizens Association, Inc.
Lane Taylor
Hall & Deborah Van Vlack
Ira Wagner
Ralph J. Wall
Bill Wilkinson & Janet Dale
John Williamson
Caroline A. Zimmerman

Joan & John Adler
Carol Ballentine
Mary C. Barber
Robert & Ruth Benker
Big Picturelab LLC
Booz Allen Hamilton
D. H. Michael & Joy Bowen
Valerie T. Broadie
Robert Cantor
Melanie Choukas-Bradley
Jane D. Collins
Thomas & Brenda Corbin
Victoria R. Cordova
Margretta Diemer
Richard & Penelope Doolittle
Woody & Rae Dubois
Mark England
Gary R. Evans
Tina Farwell
James Firth
Karen Fitzgerald
Neal Fitzpatrick & Roxane Kaufmann
Robert & Rebecca Foss
Joseph Francis
Wendy Fredericks & John Whitaker
Sally & John Freeman
Elizabeth Gemmill
Michael Gerecht
Eldon & Emily Greenberg
Lucille Harrigan
Alan & Rebecca Hedin
Pamelia A. Henriksen
Jane Highsaw & Carol Anne Highsaw
Jennifer Hinrichs

Ann Hobbs
Diane Hoffman
Stephen J. & Deborah Howie
Vance & Kathleen Hyndman
Stephen & Liz Jones
Martin Langley & Kate Carpenter
Frances V. Lawrence
Nancy Magnusson
Richard Hodgson & Kathleen Malloy
Kathleen Maloy & Heather Burns
Margaret Malsch
Evans & Patricia Mandes
Caryl McNeilly & Robert Williamson
J. A. R. & Cynthia Mead
David W. Mehlman
Donald H. Messersmith
Lee J. Miller
Joanna A. Miller
Ian Mills
Laura Mol
William Mueller
Linda Mundy
Louis W. Martin & Cecily S. Nabors
Barbara Nash
James C. & Judith Ann Nelson
North Chevy Chase Swimming Pool
Sabrina Pacifici
Jonathan Paul & Barbara Collier
Susan Press
Eric Raun
Arlene Rodenbeck & Rick Morgan
Mark Schilling & Sahar Dawisha

Norberta Schoene & Bill Lands
Mark Seaver
Ann M. Seeger
Carol M. Shaw
Robert Shipman
Bruce & Genie Sidwell
Patricia P. Smith & Frances M. Lussier
Cris Smith & Gail Gorlitzz
Mary G. Sprague
Joanne M. Sten
Edward L. Walker
Howard Wilkins & Mary Beth Hastings
Sandra Z. Wilson
Alfred & Julia Wurglitz
Anonymous (2)

Gretchen Alexander
Bryan & Donna Arling
Linda Ayres & David Brewster
Sandra Banstorp
Thomas Barletta
Richard S. Bauder & Puwen Lee
Rowland & Patricia Bell
Jane Benesch
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey J. Berger
Kenneth Berlin
Charles A. Black
Joseph P. Blair III
Kathryn Bleecker
Deborah Bombard
Ann D. Bratthauer
Josephine Briggs & Jurgen Schnemann
Betty J. Brody
Janice Brose
Allen & Janice Browne
Noreen Bryan
Wells Burgess & Jacqueline Lussier
Boyd L. & Marcella M. Burris
Francis Canale
Nora Carbine
Luther J. Carter
Larry & Ann Cartwright
John Chanal
Priscilla M. Christy
Salvatore N. & Marlene H. Cianci
Edwin H. Clark & Hope M. Babcock
Sarah B. Clark
Alex Clem & Sharon Snyder
Sheila Cochran
Jennifer Cohan & Chan Chao
David & Susan Colson
Katherine Colston
Diana Conway
Josephine Cox & Glen Johnston
Mrs. Drewry W. Cromwell
Ann Cullen
Steven L. Cymrot
Paul & Susanna D’Andrea
Lois & Marvin Dicker
Laurence & Natalie Dickter
William DiMonte
John Dodge
Diana Dunnan
Laura C. Farron
James & Nicole Fary
Elisabeth FitzHugh
Jeremy Flachs
John Matuszak & Jean Fruci
Sarah Gagne & Raymond Gagne
Mark S. Garland & Paige Cunningham

Daphne Gemmill
Ann-Mari Gemmill
Antonia Giardina & Zachary Knepper
Maria Giovanni
Albert E. Giraldi
Barbara J. Gordon
David L. & Helen Gray
Eva Green
Linda Greenhouse
Barbara B. Gregg
David M. & Sally Griffin
Richard & Cristina Griffin
Janet Hartley
Jill Hayes
Rebecca G. Hayes
Mr. & Mrs. C. Randall Henning
Barbara Hopkins
Julie Howard & Howard Gobstein
Mary E. Hughes
Diane Ichiyasu
Kenneth C. Ingham
Janet Irwin
Kehila Chadasha
Leonard & Cathy Keifer
William & Betsy Kingery
Gary Knipling
Louisa Koch
Jeffrey Kopp & Susan Pisano
Martha Krieger
Myron & Marlene Kwast
Kathleen Lathrop
Dr. George & Catherine Ledec
Peter A. Lefkin
Bill & Lisa Lefurgy
Cynthia Love
Verna Macdonald
Anne MacGlashan
Donald W. & Margaret MacGlashan
Diane M. Makuc
Gary & Phoebe Mallard
Peter Mathers & Bonnie A. Beavers
Kenneth May
Terri McDonnell
Michael McMullan
Milo & Catherine Meacham
William & Sally Meadows
Ann Mehrten
Richard J. & Marilyn E. Meyer
Daniel Mick
Sara Middlebrooks
Kristie Miller
Lee Minichiello & Lynne Seekamp
Edmond & Margaret Missiaen
Karyn Molines & Gary Pendleton
Judit Molname Vadasz
Maxine Montgomery
Patricia J. Moore

Walter & Cynthia Morris
Marshall & Sue Morrow
Herbert C. Morse III
David Moulton
Mark & Betsy Murray
Eugene Murray & Susan Higginbotham
Nancy Nelson
Dan & Alice Nicolson
Elizabeth Norcross & Clint Stretch
Philip Olsen
Eleanor O’Sullivan
Betty Oves
Roberta Parry
Cristina Partidge
Lorna Patrick & Debbie Lamperti
David & Tammy Paynter
John & Michelle Person
Kay & Alan Pine
Marie H. Plante
Mary Restifo M.D.
Weston & Holly Rhodes
River Road Unitarian Church
Ms. MaryAnn Robinson
Yves Rosenberg
Mark Ruddel
Susan Sarason
Charles Saunders
Lois Schiffer
James R. Schlesinger
Nicholas P. Schliapin
Kurt Schwarz
Cory Shindel & Peter Romer-Friedman
Dr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Silvio
Bernard Slosberg & Mary Chor
Julie S. Small
Steven J. Smith
Robert & Joanne Solem
Bernard & Carol Sottili
Susan Sprenke
Mary Lou Steptoe
Sherman Suter
Kay Taub
Torre Taylor
John P. Taylor
Patricia G. Tice
Cynthia Todd
Nancy Twist
Marta Wagner
Donald Weber & Christine Reid
Mark & Sarah Whitener
James & Stephanie Widzinski
Deborah L. Winters
Julie Wollam-Gingrich
William B. Yeaman
Shuko & Miyuki Yoshikami
Anonymous (1)

Freddie Mac Foundation
GE Foundation
The Kiplinger Foundation, Inc.
TIFF Advisory Services, Inc
Verizon Foundation

American Plant Food Co, Inc.
Dorothy E. Beck
Fred & Sara Brown
Chesapeake Bay Trust
Corcoran Catering
Corey & Beth Cranmer
Festive Foods Catering, Inc.
Jenny Gelston
Margot Gould
Honest Tea
Ikona Photography, Inc
Kamau & Tamara Johnson
Stephen & Liz Jones
Patricia Kenny
Loudoun County Public Schools
Main Event Caterers
Mom’s Apple Pie Bakery
Carolyn Osborne
Will Otto
Perfect Settings
Richard L. Prescott & Lora J. Leavy

H. Douglas Platt
REI College Park
Ridgewells Catering
Napier Shelton
Spilled Milk Catering
George Stephens
Taproot Foundation
Ms. Elsa Marta Nieto Vila
Nancy Wallace
Rita Warpeha
Wegmans, Leesburg
Well Dunn Catering Inc
Kathryn E. Westra
Whole Foods Market
Windows Catering Company
David S. Wood
Jennifer Woods

Arent Fox
Ikona Photography

Laurel Aird
Joseph Andrews
Matt Anton
Caitlin Arlotta
Roswitha Augusta
Lee Babcock
Joyce Bailey
Jane Barrett
Kimberly Bassich
Dorothy Beck
Harvey Berger
Leonard Bisson
John Bjerke
David Bowen
Dan Bowman
Frank Boyle
Gwen Brewer
Valerie Broadie
Judith Bromley
Jenny Brown
Allen Browne
Janice Browne
Marney Bruce
Phyllis Burka
Vincent Byrne
Megan Carroll
Larry Cartwright
Leslie Catherwood
Melanie Choukas-Bradley
Judy Clune
Bonnie Coe
Joseph Coleman
Heleny Cook
Brenda Corbin
Steve Cordle
Anne Cottingham
Gayle Countryman-Mills
Colette Cowey
Drewry Cromwell
Rebecca Cromwell
Paul Crumrine
Paul D’Andrea
Mary Ann Daly
Adriana Delgado
Natalie Dickter
Sylvia Diss
Donald Dittberner
Sharrill Dittmann
Debra Doherty
Susan Dunnell
Mark England

Jane Ann Engle
Susan Evans
John Fairfield
Ann Fieldhouse
Neal Fitzpatrick
Eric Flamer
Cris Fleming
Marcie Francis
Alice Friedman
Anita Fruman
Sarah Fulton
Anthony Futcher
Ann Gallagher
Rachel Gauza
Ann-Mari Gemmill
Rob Gibbs
Maria Giovanni
Michael Gravitz
Helen Gray
Barbara Gregg
Richard Griffin
Elizabeth Haddad
Jim Hall
Martha Hamilton
Dirck Harris
Bob Hartman
Gerry Hawkins
Pamela Herrick
Eleanor Hillegeist
Jennifer Hinrichs
Robert Hirschon
Gayle Hobson
Diane Hoffman
Linda Hollister
Barbara Hopkins
Jill Hsu
Susan Hunt
Irene Ingraham
Liz Jones
Stephen Jones
Mike Jonsberg
Arlene Karesh
Linda Keenan
Julie Kelsey
Catherine Krikstan
Canice Lawler
David Ledwith
Louise Lees
Howard Lefkowitz
Zoe Lefkowitz
Tovi Lehmann
Harvey Leifert

Marilyn Leung
Christine Ley
Marc Liebermann
John Lill
Marilynn Liotta
Cynthia Loeper
Peter Lostritto
Wanda MacLachlan
Pearl Marks
Joe Marx
Mary Massey
Steve McKindley-Ward
Timothy McTaggart
Helen Melichar
Bert Merrick
Donald Messersmith
Martha Morris
Carter Morrow
Eugene Murray
Cecily Nabors
Barb Nash
Erin Nealer
Adrienne Nicosia
Lisa Norwalk
Tricia Nudelman
Virginia Nuessle
Patricia O’Malley
Keith Ohlinger
Lana Ong
Helen Patton
Larry Petrovich
Paul Pisano
Marie Plante
Riley Place
Kate Prager
Sudie Press
Stephen Pretl
Susannah Prindle
Paula Rabkin
Joy Rafey
Diyan Rahaman
Elisa Rapaport
Patrick Ratkowski
Mike Raupp
Dori Reinhalter
Sarah Richards
Gail Ries
Andrew Ristvey
Darlene Robbins
Mary Rojas
Sujata Roy

Kathryn Rushing
Regenia Ryan
Frank Sanford
Jane Sapp
Lydia Schindler
Susan Schober
Jack Schultz
Stuart Scott
Gregory Seekins
J. Fred Seitz
Maria Sgambati
Lisa Shannon
Sylvia Shuey
Suzanne Shwetz
Ric Simmons
Tom Smerling
Susan Sprenke
Steve Sroka
Cathy Stragar
Marianne Starr
Laura Stierle
Janet Stotsky
Judith Sullivan
Carolyn Talcott
Lane Taylor
Cyril Thompson
Patricia Thompson
Johanna Thompson
Ned Tillman
Robbie Ross Tisch
Cynthia Todd
Michael Trister
Anna Urciolo
Bonnie VanDorn
Nancy Voit
Jane Waldmann
Sally Waldschmidt
Sally Wechsler
Margaret Weston
Kathryn Westra
Alex Wiebe
Karen Wilhelm
John Williamson
Eva Windhoffer
Ramona Winkelbauer
Mary Woo
Julie Wood
Andy Woodcock
Debra Wynne
Adria Zeldin

Akurut, Florence
Bailey, Joyce
Baker, Ann
Baranano, Maria Theresa
Baranano, Susana
Barlow, Jewel
Barnes, Ginny
Basiotis, Katie
Bassich, Kim
Boyer, Emily
Broadman, Dorothy
Brown, Jean
Bundens, Marion
Burns, Bob
Burwell, John
Capon, Phillip
Carleton, Jim
Carrillo, Antonio
Carrillo, Tony
Cheney, Austin
Cho, Vivienne
Chrisler, Danielle
Chrisler, Ian
Christal, Mark
Cook, Nick
Cottingham, David
Cowen, Tracey
Coyle, Bill
Coyle, Carolyn
Cullinane, Colleen
Curtain, Kara
Del Buono, Catherine
Del Buono, Yolanda C.
Del Buono, Yolanda M.
Dorian, Charles
Duke, Rebecca
Duke, Vincent
Duke, Wendy
Dunnell, Susan
Engle, Jane
Er, Seray
Euller, Otto
Fairfield, Alex
Ferger, Kathy
Finegar, Thomas
Ford, Jenni
Freedman, Max
Fretz, Anne
Fults, Scott
Garrity, Lyn
Gauthier, Adrian
Ghertner, Gina
Glaberman, Scott
Goodfellow, Tim
Green, Sharon
Griffin, Suzanne
Grimes, George
Grimes, Kathryn
Hall, Jim
Hellner, Cheryl
Henein, Celia
Henein, Kim
Hepp, Pam
Hobbs, Ann
Hopkins, Stan
Horvath, Balazs
Huff, Jane
Hyndman, Vance

Jackson, Derek
James, Anne
Jia, Denise
Johnson, Alan
Jones, Janet
Jones, Stephen
Kaiser, Anne
Kenny, Helene
Knapp, Barbara
Knott, Tracey
Kolian, Mike
Kraich, Patrick
Kramer, Matt
LaCoss, Ron
Lander, Linette
Lang, Tracy
Larson, Hannah
Lasday, Karen
Leavy, Lorie
Lee, Susanne
Legowski, Deb
Legowski, Peter
Levy, Joanne
Lijoi, Julie
Liv, Chanya
Maeda, Masaya
Magin, Ben
Magin, Jacob
Mahmooth, Shaheen
May, Conrad
May, Ginny
Maynor, Kate
McCarthy, Jim
McCoy, Tom
McIntosh, Heather
Middleton, Shirley
Milius, Susan
Miller, Marty
Minnich Blewis, Gale
Moncavage, Michael
Mosher, Dave
Moyer, Mike
Mullin, Beth
Munson, Sandy
Murrell, Kim
Murrell, Luke
Murrell, Sebastian
Nerino, Anthony
Nissley, Connie
Novello, David
Pennay, Babs
Perez-Tines, Christina
Pfister, Edward
Powell, Chris
Prybyla, Debra
Rahaman, Diyan
Rahaman, Shyazana
Ratkowski, Pat
Ratkowski-Howe, Ally
Read-Connole, Betsy
Rhein, Isabella
Rosen, Elliot
Roy, Sujata
Rushing, Bob
Rushing, Kathy

Rust, Lynn
Sandy Spring Friends
Meeting students
Schober, Susan
Schoning, Heather
Schultz, Joe
Schultz, Sandy
Schumann, Thomas
Schwartz, Gretchen
Seitz, Fred
Shah, Parthiv
Shaw, Allen
Shoemaker, Suzanne
Simak, Jan
Simak, Jonathan
Simak, Joseph
Simakova, Olga
Sismanidis, Roxane
Smerling, Tom
Smith, Karen
Smith, Mike
St. Clair, Kyle
Starr, Marianne
Stephens, Corinne L
Stephens, Ralph
Stormont, Caitlin
Sidwell Friends students
Subramanian, Mira
Subramanian, Stephanie
Super, Julie
Susko, Emily
Taub, Kay
Thatcher, Katie
Tice, Tricia
Tippett, Katherine
Troutman, Doug
Tsang, Lori
Twohy, Mary Sue
Viechnicki, Henry
Viechnicki, Lucy
Viechnicki, Nate
Viechnicki, Peter
Wade, Andrea
Wade, Bridget
Wade, Marti
Waldon, Tracy
Walton, Eve
Wang, Paula
Wasserman, Ben
Welch, Glenn
Wiss, Cathy
Wolfe, Jen
Wurglitz, Tenley
Yeaman, Bill
Yuan, Ally
Zmola, Carl
Zmola, Ethan
Zmola, Theresa
Zmola, Zane
Zmola, Zoe


Ruth Arsem
Collins Arsem

Peggy Barrow
James Farrelly & Anne Goodman

Joan Benesch
Jane Benesch & Ray Gamache

Beryl Black
KP Fennie
Jill Galt
Edith Williams

Phil Brody
Melvin Belin
Ernst Benjamin & Judith McCombs
Martin Dickinson
Montgomery Bird Club
Ted & Lola Oberman
Gary A. Stein

Samuel “Steve” Burnett
IR2 Technology Team at Fannie Mae

Geneva Coleman
Her Friends at Andy’s Bridge

Alice Cooper
John Chanal

Lou DeMouy
Bridget DeMouy
Jane DeMouy
Patricia McKee

Raynor Duncombe
Tom & Brenda Corbin
J. L. Farmer
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Mallard

Lois J. Freeman
Ann P. Eagan

Carolyn Frisbee
William McKee

Barbara Holloman
Sarah Rodman

Jim Hunolt
John Filippini

Mary Ann Jackson
Tom & Brenda Corbin

Eric James Johnson
Deborah Christie

Lucinda Jones
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Goldrick

Drew Kleibrink
Susan Anderson
Paul Friedman
Lisa Gordon
Suchada Langley
David Malsch Family
Maryll Moon
Frank Neville & Kirsten McLagan
Sahar Robinson
Alan Schlaifer
Stephanie Schriock
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Somogyi
Marjorie Swirsky
Terry Walker

Doris Krys
Bill & Lucille Jacobs
Wayne & Beverly LeChase
Tim & Nicole Marco
Tony & Connie Morella
Jerrold & Carolyn Post
Barbara Thomas
Contemporary Watercrafters
Farida Wozniak

Paul Larson
John & Sanci Michael

Gen. James F. Lawrence
James Lawrence

Bruce Lees
David & Alison Waxman

Alan Marks
Jean Schaible

Ursula Mattheisen
Suzanne Mattheisen

Margaret McCurley
Nancy L. Clark

Catharina “Mieke” Mehlman
David Mehlman
Doug Mehlman
Diana Morse
Donald Weber & Christine Reid

Helen Meleney
Elizabeth Bradley
Judith F. Davis
Burton & Diane Epstein
Susan Kaul
Katharine Meleney
Shirley W. Mersereau
Lola Oberman
Eleanor B. Sanderson

Sherry Messersmith
Ann Benbow
Anne Blackburn

Harvey Mudd
Hon. Bill Bronrott
John Bjerke
Maggie Chamberlain
Leigh Cobb
Carla Dove
Sarah Epstein
Ned & Eva Feder
Elinor Horwitz
Claude Klee
Barbara Knapp
Marc Korman
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Morris
Ted & Lola Oberman
Elaine E. Nye
Carol & Ralph Partington
Marie H. Plante
Edmund & Eleanor Preston
Alan & Joyce Siegel

Robert (Bob) Nester
Elinor Talmadge

Mary Bird Parks
Julia Abate
Katherine Attar
Mary Barber
Wendy Baumert
Charles Bird
Lisa Bonneville
Pat Braskich
Melissa Carney
Jennifer Cohan & Chan Chao
Jennifer Davitt
Amy DeMouy
DiMonte Family
Lis Fogt
Alice Friedman
Shana Fulcher
Ann-Mari Gemmill
Michael Gregory
Matt & Megan Griggs
Mary Beth Hastings
Robert M. Henehan
Bob & Ilaya Hopkins
Keiko Inoue
Tara Jansky
The Kiplinger Foundation, Inc.
Aunt Lib
Dan & Shannon Lyons
Valerie Mayer
Terri McDonnnell
Art & Sue McTighe
Eric & Tricia Nudelman
Enid Pierson
Etaine Raphael
Ammie Roseman-Orr
Cory Shindel
Audrey Scully
Lauren Stradley
Thomas Super
Brenna Thibault
Gail Viechnicki
GG Walker & Family
Camilla Wilcox

Nancy Perkins
John Filippini

Bill Rabbe
Betty Brody

Ernest Sicard
Deborah Bombard

Dorothy Silverman
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Weber

Gerald Louis Soloff
Betty Brody

Barbara Taub
Phyllis & Ralph Gittleson

Donn Tippett
Katherine Benjamin
Shanthy Bowman
Rollin & Patricia Burns
Dale & Gayle Channell
John Clemens
Linda Cleveland
Ron & Maureen Early
Cecilia Wilkinson Enns
Tom & EttaSue Haggerty
Sabina Harrmann
Barbara Knapp
Jacqueline & Vincent Leung
Alan Mayer-Sommer
Ken McPeek
Jan Bodner Montville
Stephen & Betty Perloff
Sheila W. Ploger
Peter Salinger
Lois Steinfeldt
Ralph Stephens
Alan S. Wuertenberger
Cathy Wiss
Board of Directors & Woorland Community of the East Gate II Homes Association, Inc.

Pat Tonkin
Daphne Gemmill
Donald Messersmith

Dorothy Wellington
Fil & Sulei Agusti
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Barletta
Beverly Beddow
Floyd Bienstock
Spence Bienstock
Steven & Janice Brose
Elizabeth B. Dater
Seith & Joan Goldberg
Barbara Kagan
Michael Kail
Deborah Katz
Bob & Judy McLaughlin

Barbara Whitcomb
Community College of Baltimore County

Lisa Alexander
Gretchen Alexander
Vicki Schieber
Paul & Ronnie Vizenzi

Diane Cameron
Jane Engle

Edwin Clark
Anne Litchfield

Brenda Corbin
Mr. & Mrs. James Corbin

Margaret Crowley
Donald & Margaret Fowles

Mary Helen Derby & Judith Bradshaw Morrill
Francie Woltz

Ann Fieldhouse
Sandy Shapiro

Neal Fitzpatrick
Allen & Janice Browne
Rebecca W. Hanmer
Joseph Liro & Joanne Hill
Donald Messersmith
Margaret A. Weston
Francis Woltz
Mr. & Mrs. Alred M. Wurglitz

Daphne Gemmill
Donald Messersmtih

Bill & Cale Hale
Paul Vecchiet

Pam Herrick
Jane Engle

Louise Lees
David & Alison Waxman

Phyllis Machta
Florence & Larry Radkowsky

Janean Mann
Lois Richards

Pearl Marks
Jennifer Blair
Phyllis & Ralph Gittleson
David Mecklenburg

Stephanie Mason
Betty Brody
Melaine Choukas-Bradley
Jane Engle

Cecily Nabors
Pamela Graham

Ghazali Raheem
Emma Seabright

Gerald & Suzanne Richman
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Temin

Sara Rockefeller & Andres Urrea
Ann, Kim, & Ted Elliman

The Rybas
David Elfin

Peggy Santos
Marilyn & Peter Bernhardt

Sam & Thera Swersky
Elaine & Don Harris

Cindy Todd & Mary Scott
Clark & Constance Ewart
Pam Herrick
Alan & Kathy Jordan
Michael & Cynthia Koenig
Elizabeth Koury
Michael & Pamela O’Brien
Ken & Darci Pickering
Nancy Sahli
Shar Schneiderman
Yoshiko Seltzer
Richard & Toby Weismill

Louise Tucker
Alexandra Grogan

Cathy Wiss
Ann Smith

Adria Zeldin & Peter Gray
Sharon Light